Tenders Alert: FREE 3-MONTH TRIAL


How can the Tenders Alert service run by Malta Enterprise benefit my business? 

  • By saving time…and money    
    It is possible to surf independently on the EU’s electronic database BUT this is time consuming and you could miss an opportunity because of the large amount of information available.  Our Tenders Alert service gives you quick and easy access to more than €150 billion worth of business opportunities published in the Official Journal of the European Communities every day. This gives you the maximum lead-time to respond before the deadline.
  • By receiving a tailored service   
    Our information specialists are trained to create a tailored database search profile that matches your business needs. Through an annual subscription you will receive a quasi-daily portfolio of any matching tender opportunities via e-mail.
  • By being aware of new business opportunities   
    Are you looking for: Expansion into foreign markets? New business opportunities in the EU and beyond? Subcontracting opportunities? Tenders Alert can provide you with rapid and reliable access to the relevant information you need to achieve this. This service is not only a source of contract information, but as further value added, it can provide you with market information concerning future spend of authorities, types of products they buy, key procurement contacts, names and addresses. All this information can provide invaluable knowledge for your marketing strategy.

All public procurement opportunities in the European Union and other institutions above a certain value have to be advertised and tenders invited. Every day, hundreds of tenders from Europe and other countries are available through a vast, online database called Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), under the auspices of the Office for Official Publication of the European Communities (EUR-OPOCE).

However, searching for tender announcements relevant to your business, on a daily basis, is a hassle and time-consuming. The Tenders Alert service which Malta Enterprise is offering you gives you quick and easy daily access to thousands of tenders and projects with diverse business opportunities from all the EU member states. 


Why not contact Malta Enterprise on tel: 2542 3443, or email us on brigitte.tanti@maltaenterprise.com or info@enterprise-europemalta.com and try out a FREE 3-MONTH TRIAL? Discover how you can benefit from the Tenders Alert service to generate new business and stay ahead of your competitors.


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