Tender evaluation checklist




1. Does it tie with strategic goals in pur business plan? Yes No
What are the potential benefits?    
What arre the potential risks?    
2. Is it 20% or less of the turnover? Yes No
3. Does it provide an opportunity to expand into new areas or gain further expertise? Yes No
4. Will this contract lead to others? Yes No
5. Do we have time to bid? Yes No
6. Do we have an existing relationship with the customer? Are there any conflict of interest Yes No
7. Do we have all of the necessary policies in place? I.e. Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Environmental and/or Sustainability, Quality    Yes No
8. Do we have enough insurance cover? Yes No
9. Have we completed any similar work? Have we got references, testimonials or case studies to? Yes No
10. Can we meet all the selection criteria? If no, which areas do we fall short in? Yes No
11. Do we have the resources and expertise to deliver the contract? Yes No
If not, is there anyone we can partner with?    
12. Would a consortium approach be a good way forward? Yes No
If yes, what links to do we already have with potential partners?    
13. Can we put together a consortium bid in time? Yes No
Does this partner or partners comply with the criteria?    
14. What competitive advantage/s do we (or partnership) have? Yes No
15. What are our unique selling points? Yes No
16. How can we make our bid competitive (offer good value for money)? Yes No
17. Is it really going to be profitable for us? Yes No