Winning cross border tenders


It is tough winning in your own region never mind someone else's country with a different language, culture and set of priorities. However, if you can then it will enhance your business and the disciplines involved will make you stronger.



Some things to consider:

- Try a country with the same language as yours
- Can you find a partner there – this brings most success
- Failing a partner can you set up an office there?
- Look at the UN opportunities – the Aid Agencies are keen  for SMEs to win



Follow Up
If you win celebrate, ask for feedback and use that to shape your next bid. Get to know the procurer and start work straight away. They are hard task masters and you must deliver as per the contract. If you lose, ask for feedback which must be given under EU law and then use this to start your next bid.



Tip for success: Answer the questions. This sounds obvious but 10% fail to do so