Wall of innovation


This site is meant as an inspiration for procurers and progressive construction companies.


The European Commission is bosting more innovative products and services to be included in public procurement and at the same time get public authorities work more close with small and mediumsized companies.

On this Wall of Innovation you will find offers of innovative, sustainable and newly developed construction products and services from small and medium sized companies all around Europe. The Enterprise Europe Network database is the source where we have picked out these offers.


Click on the reference and you will get even more information about the offer. If you’re interested in getting in contact with the company behind, please contact your local Enterprise Europe Network office.


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11 DE 0957 3L0N  


Variable cross-section profile element for lightweight freely configurable construction  

A German architect has invented a universal profile element allowing to make space frame structures for facades, domes, stands, and dynamic solar panels, e.g., more flexible to design and more efficient to build. The element is distinguished by two pivotal edges. The combination of each four of identical/different profile elements allows numerous, also non-rectangular, cross-sections of the resulting joist. The inventor seeks industrial partners for licensing.


10 HU 50S5 3GX7 


Solar collector made of aluminum alloy   

The technology offered is based on a flat solar collector made of aluminium alloy previously developed and successfully patented by a Hungarian company. The new product features innovative solutions that give it unique characteristics, exceptionally high efficiency, low production cost, and long lifetime because it is made of aluminium instead of copper.
The collector is appropriate for heating buildings.



08 PT 65BN 0JA3  


Ecological climatisation system based in evaporative cooling

A Portuguese leading climatization company has developed an evaporative cooler, which insufflates a big volume of cooled air (4ºC – 16ºC) in large buildings like warehouses, supermarkets and manufacturing plants. The company wishes to expand their application and is seeking partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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11 AT 0108 3LI2 


Photovoltaic equipped roller blinds for energy balanced air conditioning control

An Austrian researcher has developed a system which allows PV panels on the movable slats of roller blinds to be connected to the frame. A predictive control which connects LED to the PV-panels, allows lighting and shading control. Both cooling and heating demands are reduced and an energy autarkic solution is provided. Retrofit use in older buildings as well installation in "Energy plus" buildings is envisaged. Industry partners for exploitation, testing and further development are sought.


12 HU 50S1 3P1Q 


Energy-efficient, intensive, radiant heating panel and system

A Hungarian small enterprise has developed an energy-efficient, intensive, radiant heating panel and system, which is more effective than convection systems and its configuration is easier than of other radiant heating systems. It is perfectly suitable for flats, offices and shop floors. The company is seeking partners for further development and commercial agreement with technical support abnd licence agreement.


08 SE 67CJ 0ISU


Foundation for construction of buildings that saves energy

A Swedish SME has developed a new foundation for buildings. The patented invention is based on a simple but genial idea - a broken heat bridge. The results are lower material costs and at the same time better insulation, which saves energy and cost for heating. The building costs are lower because of the use of less concrete and insulation material as well as a more rational reinforcement. The company is interested in any kind of collaboration agreements...

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11 HU 50S0 3LMZ


Long lifetime LED- lights for replacement of traditional lamps and luminous tubes 
A Hungarian spin-off enterprise developed LED luminous-tube configurations, which can be folded up into polygon-shape; as well as LED light-sources, which can be screwed into the place of traditional bulbs. Their main advantage: with less consumption, they give more light than the traditional ones. The technology is mainly good for the building industry, interior decoration and electrical companies. The company seeks for industrial partners to produce with disabled


11 IT 532W 3LL8


Natural panel for thermal insulation realized from Opuntia Ficus Indica plant
An academic group of Italian researchers offers an innovative thermal insulation panel made from “Opuntia Ficus Indica” plant. The system for insulation does not require special equipment for the production process, uses a highly friendly material and has great potential in the construction industry. Cooperation for inclusion in a production cycle is sought, with a manufacturing or license agreement...


09 ES 23D1 3D6N


Protection for solar thermal collectors against extreme weather conditions 

A Spanish SME, focused on R&D to improve the performance of solar thermal power plants, has developed a system that protects solar collectors when the weather conditions are extreme. The system prevents overheating of the panels on periods of inactivity or with very hot weather. It also avoids contact with snow allowing the use of the collector without waiting for the thaw. The company seeks for partners to transfer its know-how or to establish a licensing agreement.